Materials Synthesis 3

Ge/Si CVD furnacePrecursor gases: SiH4, GeH4, PH3, B2H6
Carrier gases: Ar, H2
Si growth furnacePrecursor gases: SiH4, B2H6Synthesis-1
General Purpose CVD/Laser Ablation (2x)Single source precursors (CVD); single/multi-component targets (LA)Synthesis-1
Pulsed Nd:YAGFor laser ablation synthesis. 1064, 532 and 353 nm available, 10 HzSynthesis-1
MOCVD systemAvailable precursors: (CH3)3Ga, (CH3)3In, (CH3)3Al, NH3 and n/p-type dopantsSynthesis-1
DryboxPurified N2 atmosphereCharacterization-1
Annealing FurnaceAnnealing in O2 atmosphere up to 800°C for creating oxide-passivated nanostructuresSynthesis-2