Probe stationFour probes, CCD camera and LHe flow cryostat
Computer controlled transport station (1)Multichannel DAC/ADC interface, current amplifier, phase lock amplifierCharacterization-1
Semiconductor Parameter AnalyzerInterfaces with Dell laptop for electrical characterization of devicesCharacterization-1
Probe stationFive probes, microscope, CCD camera and LHe flow cryostatCharacterization-1
Computer controlled transport station (2)Multichannel DAC/ACD interface, current amplifier, DC source, multiplexer for study of up to 14 independent inputs simultaneouslyCharacterization-1
MultiMode Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)Nanoscope 1 controller; equipped for SGM, EFM and related measurementsCharacterization-1
AFMInverted lens for study of nanostructures and biological systemsCharacterization-1
UHV-LT STMLiquid helium temperature, ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope equipped with in-house designed electronics and control softwareCharacterization-2
Optical MicroscopeBright Field, Dark Field and UV modes; 5x, 20x, 50x and 100x objectives; CCD camera attached to computer for capturing still images and moviesCharacterization-1
Optical MicroscopeBright Field and Dark Field; 5x, 20x and 50x objectivesCleanroom
Automated Probe stationWafer scale automated characterization, equipped with computer interface, waveform generator, current amplifier, Tektronix digital oscilloscope, DC sourceCharacterization-1
Modelocked Ti: Sapphire laserDoubling and tripling capabilityCharacterization-4
Computer controlled optical characterization (1)Photoluminescence imaging, BF imaging, photoluminescence spectroscopy, time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopyCharacterization-4
Ar ion laserCW, 100mW powerCharacterization-4
Nd:YVO4 UV laserλ=266 nm, pulse width <7ns, 35 kHz, 11 µJ/pulseCharacterization-4
Computer controlled optical characterization (2)Photoluminescence imaging, BF imaging and photoluminescence spectroscopyCharacterization-4
He-4/He-3 CryostatVariable temperature to 300 mK and magnetic fields up to 10TCharacterization-3
Computer controlled transport station (3)DAC/ADC interface card, phase lock amplifiers (2x), switch box for studying multiple devices, DC source (2x)Characterization-3
He-4 CryostatVariable temperature to 1.5KCharacterization-1
Computer controlled transport station (4)DAC/ADC interface card, current amplifier, switch box for studying multiple devicesCharacterization-1