Optical microscope with micromanipulatorsBright-field, GFP and DIC modes, CCD camera, vibration-damped stage for mounting electrodes and micromanipulators, manual and motorized micromanipulators for electrophysiologyBioLab-1
Computer system for imaging / device monitoring / electrophysiologyDual 19″ display for monitoring images and data simultaneously, multichannel DAC/ADC interface allows observation of multiple signalsBioLab-1
Optical microscope for multicolor fluorescence measurementsOptics for simultaneously producing 488, 568 and 647 nm beams for epifluorescence microscopy; telescope lenses for illumination adjustment; 10x, 40x, 60x, 100x inverted objectives; ICCD with quad view filter for viewing multicolor emissionsBioLab-1
Computer controlled transport station (3)Includes current amplifiers (2x), lock-in amplifiers (3x) and computer with DAC/ADC interface, shielded switchboxes for studying multi-device chipsBioLab-1
Pump-1Automatically infuses fluid from a syringe for sensing studiesBioLab-2
Pump-2Infuses or withdraws fluid from two syringes simultaneously for sensing studiesBioLab-2
Vacuum ovenFor curing step in silane modification for sensor functionalizationBioLab-2
Electrical measurement system for NWFET biosensorsIncludes lock-in amplifier, National Instruments PXI platform and software lock-in interfaceBioLab-2
AutoclavesBioLab-1, -2, -3
IncubatorMaintains set temperature and percentage atmospheric CO2; equipped with dual CO2 cylinders for uninterrupted gas injectionBioLab-1
Dual automatic temperature controllerMaintains microscope stage at physiological temperatures for examination of cellsBioLab-1
Intracellular ElectrometerStimulates cells and measures responsesBioLab-1
CentrifugeWith controlled sample coolingBioLab-1
Refrigerator and -20°C freezerFor storage of biological samplesBioLab-3
-80°C freezerFor long-term preservation of biological samples such as DNAWetlab
Mini-peristaltic pumpMaintains a continuous flow of fluid for cell studiesBioLab-1
Auto chloridizerFor preparing Ag/AgCl reference electrodesBioLab-1
Olympus confocal microscopeFor imaging of bio-nanoelectronic devicesBioLab-3
Phase-contrast microscopeHoused in a Faraday cage for in-situ optical imaging during low-noise electrical measurementBioLab-3
Biosafety hoodsFor preparation of biological samplesBioLab-1, -3