Assembly and Fabrication

Langmuir-Blodgett troughWafer scale alignment & transfer of nanostructuresCharacterization-1
Electron-beam evaporatorSource metals: Ti, Ni, Pd, SiO2Characterization-4
Wire bonderChip fabricationCharacterization-1
UV & ozone dry stripperCleanroom
Rapid thermal annealer (RTA)Available process gases:
Forming gas (N2/H2), Ar, N2, O2
Plasma cleanerCleanroom
Optical microscopeBright field and dark field; 5x, 20x and 50x objectivesCleanroom
Electron-beam lithography platformWrites with a minimum feature size of ~100 nm in standard e-beam resists on a range of substratesCharacterization-1
Spin coaterCleanroom
Spin coaterLocated in laminar flow hood for spinning high quality e-beam resistWetlab
Water purifier (2x)Cleanroom, Wetlab